Shift is a social enterprise with ten years’ experience designing consumer products and building ventures that help solve social problems. By designing products that meet consumer demand and can become independent, financially sustainable ventures, we aim to give them the best chance of delivering measurable, long-term impact at scale.

Shift consists of a UK registered Community Interest Company (05241856) and Charitable Foundation (1134546) and a US registered 501c3 non-profit.

Our approach

We aim to design consumer products and incubate new social ventures which offer three strands of value:

Social value

The effectiveness of the product in addressing a clear social need.

User value

The ability to meet users’ needs and drive demand amongst the target audience.

Financial value

The potential to translate both social and user value into investment, income and growth.

We are continuing to develop and articulate this approach in our series of joint blogs with the Nominet Trust.

Our process

Our research and development process has evolved gradually, learning from each design cycle we’ve delivered as a team and from the input and experience of our partners and investors. This provides structure to the creative process and takes us through all the stages of product design– from identifying areas of focus right through to the foundation of independent social ventures.

Our products

We have launched a series of consumer products and are working on several strands of research and development. Read more about our products.

Our team

Starting as a small project in east London in 2004, we now have experienced teams based in London, Sofia and San Francisco. Our core team has expertise in research, product and service design, technical development, branding, comms, commercial strategy and evaluation. It is complemented by consultants and external partners who bring expertise in specific areas and give us wider reach. Read more about our team.

Our partners

Our process is highly collaborative and we work closely with partners at each stage of product design and venture incubation. This has included investment partners such as Nominet Trust and Nesta, development partners like Playlab London and Google, and research and evaluation partners such as Stanford University and The Billericay School.

Ways of working with us

Get involved with one of our existing products

We regularly collaborate with partners that bring new experience and expertise to specific phases of design and incubation of our products. See our portfolio.

Partner with us to create a new product

We work closely with partners to design new consumer products and develop social ventures from scratch. These relationships are built on strong shared commitments to delivering a measurable, long-term impact on specific social problems.

Learn more about our approach

We regularly deliver talks and run workshops that open up our approach to interested audiences. Read about the team that can deliver these.